#GoBareboating to the Whitsundays' best coral

A guide to the top 5 snorkelling spots by Daydream Island marine biologist Johnny Gaskell More often than not these days the eyes of the world are on the Great Barrier Reef. There is much concern about the health of this global natural wonder and how it will survive the various challenges such as Crown of Thorns starfish and climate change. While the Whitsunday islands and reefs have not been without these challenges, happily we have a good news story to tell, and one that you can be part of when you #GoBareboating with us. Johnny’s mission To help us tell the true story about “what lies beneath” the surface of our seas, we’ve enlisted the help of local expert Johnny Gaskell. As the resident

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The Whitsunday mainland coast is home to 5 charter companies who all provide high quality boats and service. Contact them today to find out more:

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