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What is bareboating?

A bareboat is a boat you can hire for charter in the Whitsunday islands. You’re the skipper and your family and friends are the crew. You choose your destinations and anchorages every day! With your boat becoming your own floating hotel with 360 degree ocean views, even the loo has a view.


The Whitsundays is voted as the best cruising experience in Australia on Trip Advisor for a reason. You are guaranteed fun, excitement, relaxation and exploration. You’ll have experiences that you will treasure forever and see sunsets you will never forget. The activities and locations available in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park are endless…

go bareboating. a sailing holiday is easy in the whitsundays

Bareboating is Easy 


The Whitsundays is the ultimate place in Australia to Go Bareboating! 


  • No licence required

  • Protected anchorages

  • All boats are Eco Accredited

  • Pristine waters 

go bareboating and visit one of the world's best beaches Whitehaven Beach on your bareboat charter holiday

Bareboating in The Whitsundays


The Whitsundays is the ultimate sailing ground in Australia and is home to one of the world's top ten beaches, Whitehaven Beach. Immerse yourself in the natural Whitsundays beauty of tropical islands, pristine beaches and beautiful anchorages. 

go bareboating. you don't need a licence to drive a bareboat in the whitsundays

Do I need a licence?


No licence is required, just some boating experience. We provide a full comprehensive:

  • Safety briefing

  • Briefing on the cruising area

  • Boat briefing

… if you don’t have any experience we can point you in the right direction to gain some.

go bareboating. bareboats have a full kitchen (galley) for cooking meals

Home away from home


All boats are fully equipped with kitchens ready for meal preparation, fresh linen and towels. All the safety equipment and water activity gear is also on board, with a tender in tow so you can head ashore at your heart's content.

go bareboating. learn all about the experience on our blog

Read the blog


Find out all the details about bareboating and what you can do. Our blog covers topics like bareboating with kids, bushwalks, places to kayak, and other tips on how to get the most out of your bareboating holiday in the Whitsundays.

go bareboating and meet the turtles that are abundant in the whitsundays
go bareboating. enjoy island bushwalks on uninhabited whitsunday islands



The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park provides fun, relaxation, exploration and the excitement of planning your our charter adventure;

  • Snorkel coral reefs

  • Beachcombing on pristine beaches

  • Unique dining experiences

  • Water activities kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, swimming, sailing

  • Wildlife spotting & humpback whale watching - meet the locals!

  • Bush walking & cultural sites

go bareboating. where are the Whitsundays map

How to get here


The Whitsundays is serviced via two airports, Whitsunday Coast Airport at Propserpine and Hamilton Island Airport - where all flights are met with ferry transfers back to the mainland. There are direct flights from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne using Virgin, Jetstar & Tigerair.

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