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Memories to last a lifetime

When you charter in the Whitsundays, you might only stay here for a week or two – but the memories you make will last a lifetime. Bareboating in the Whitsundays means that the journey is in your hands. You’re free to explore the Whitsunday Islands at your own pace. You’re the skipper, your family and friends are the crew. What you do during your charter is limited by your imagination.

Are you having a birthday celebration? Maybe it’s your annual scuba diving trip, or a long overdue family reunion. It could be a girl’s week away or a fishing trip with the boys. A bucks celebration or the ultimate hens getaway. Or it could just be a very well-deserved holiday. After all, bareboating is so much more than sailing…

It’s laying on deck and gazing at the stars, listening to the gentle waves lapping against the boat.

It’s dipping your head underwater and seeing a whole new world of colourful corals and fish.

It’s the late-night murmur of conversation in the cabin next to yours.

It’s the sound of the rigging jangling against the mast, the wind luffing the sails.

It’s that moment of peace as you switch off the engine and silently sail onwards.

It’s that feeling, when you drop anchor, look around and realise you’re spending the night in paradise with people you love.

These are memories you will carry with you forever. Memories you can look back on at any time and transport yourself back to your boat, drifting amongst the Whitsunday islands.

You can take hundreds of photos during your trip, but your brain ultimately decides what was memorable. Be present in every special moment and make the most of your Whitsunday charter.

Detox from the digital world, put your phone down and leave the laptop at home, you’re out at sea now. As precious as holiday photos are, remember to step away from behind the lens and enjoy the moment for what it is, too.

These gadgets should enhance your holiday, but don’t let them dominate it. Besides, your brain has more memory space than your smart phone does! So invite your nearest and dearest, pack the waterproof camera and clear your head. You’re going to need that space for all the new Whitsunday memories you make!

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