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Sailing with Whales

Sailing with whales in the Whitsundays is an awesome experience. There's nothing quite like having your own private whale watching tour, from your own boat, in the calm serene waters of the Whitsunday islands.

The 2017 Whitsunday whale season was wonderful, with charterers reporting a record number of sightings daily. Conditions were just perfect for whales to birth their calves here last year, and we sure saw a lot! Some people were lucky enough to have really close, personal encounters, while others witnessed an acrobatic performance from afar.

Here are some of our favourite what watching moments of 2017

whale watching Whitsundays when you GoBareboating
Charterers enjoy an early morning performance from a young whale showing off his breaching skills.
Can you create your own rainbow? This little guy did with his blow hole - we think that's pretty impressive!
Enjoy a synchronised swimming display from two playful whales. We give them a score of 10/10!

The Whitsundays experienced a whale baby boom! Here's a new mum & calf enjoying the warm tropical water in the Whitsundays. Our tropical latitude and calm waters protected by the Great Barrier Reef make the Whitsundays the perfect baby delivery room!

Sunsets, whales breaching and the magnificent Whitsunday Islands in the background. What more could you want?

Want to book a bareboat for your own private whale watching experience?
Contact one of the 5 companies listed below now about booking your winter 2018 bareboat holiday and tick “Sailing with the Whales” off your bucket list!

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