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Family bareboating holidays

Many parents wonder if their family will enjoy a bareboating holiday. The misconception that you’ll be “stuck” on a boat for an entire week is quite far from the truth. There are so many adventures to be had, and great memories to be made, we’ve seen thousands of families have the best holiday ever! Here are some tips to make your next family bareboat holiday a success:

  1. Get your children involved Teach them how to understand the wind, steer the boat, and navigate using landmarks they can see. Get them to help pulling ropes, raising sails and keeping a lookout. Their new skills will give them some stories to tell back at school and they’ll be excited by the idea of going sailing again. And an extra pair of hands – no matter how small they are at the moment – is always helpful!

  2. Allow them to choose your next day or overnight anchorage Browse the copy of "100 Magic Miles", which is supplied on every boat, and show the kids some potential destinations that are suitable for the current weather conditions. Let them choose one that appeals to them.

  3. Take note of the wildlife The Whitsunday Islands is a thriving ecosystem and it is common to spot whales in the winter months and turtles all year round. There are hundreds of species of fish, birds and other marine creatures living in and around the Whitsunday waters. Way better than a trip to the zoo – spotting these animals in their natural habitat.

  4. Visit Whitehaven Beach Let the children feel the soft, cool, silica sand between their toes. You can take the short, scenic walk from Tongue Bay or Betty’s Beach up to Hill Inlet Lookout and take some beautiful family photos you’ll cherish for years.

  5. Explore underwater Snorkelling is a great activity for primary school aged children and above. There are plenty of sheltered anchorages with fringing reef and colourful fish that call the Whitsundays home. Butterfly Bay (Hook Island) is a popular snorkelling site and is sheltered from most wind conditions. Ask your briefer for advice on their favourite snorkelling spots too.

  6. Buy a waterproof camera It's a great investment that will give children (and adults) endless hours of entertainment and precious memories to treasure forever.

Bareboating is a wonderfully unique family holiday. Every day is different, and there is so much to see and do. Get the children involved and they will come home with new skills, and you will make some wonderful family memories together.

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