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#GoBareboating in the Whitsundays this winter

Winter is the best time to charter a bareboat in the Whitsundays. Leave the big jackets and boots at home, and remember to bring your board shorts and thongs - North Queensland magical from May to September. You can expect clear blue skies every day, calm seas, a beautiful sunny breeze followed by crisp evenings under bright stars. It really is the perfect time to go bareboating in the Whitsundays. Winter weather means sunny days perfect for swimming and cooler evenings where you can curl up in a cosy jumper on the deck of your boat, while you cook up a feast on the BBQ and discuss the days' adventures. During the winter months humpback whales migrate north through the Whitsundays. They leave the cold waters of the Antarctic and swim north up the east coast of Australia, stopping in the Whitsundays to give birth to their calves. The whales like our shallow waters (by their standard) and warm water temperature that never drops below 22 degrees Celsius, it's the perfect place to bring their young into the world.

Whales can make their appearance as early as June and stay until early Sept. If you are chartering during July and August, it’s highly likely you’ll see whales. You'd be considered unlucky if you didn't have at least one whale sighting. You might see and hear them from afar by their 'blow' as it spouts from the surface of the ocean. Or if you’re really lucky you might see them up close and personal as if you could almost reach out and touch them. Just be sure to cut the engines immediately if they come near your boat. Whales are inquisitive by nature, they are known to come close by your bareboat to say hello, but sailors must be aware of the restrictions for boats movements and distance allowed while whale watching in the Whitsundays. The weather in winter is just perfect for bareboating. Light breezes create perfect sailing conditions, small tidal range leaves crystal clear water and those that prefer a power catamaran will appreciate calm seas to get you from one island to another What are you waiting for? Enquire today about going bareboating in the Whitsundays this winter. Want to book a bareboat for a winter holiday in the Whitsundays?

Contact one of the 5 companies listed below about booking your winter bareboat holiday today!

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