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Family bareboating holidays

March 11, 2018

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#GoBareboating with Queensland Weekender!

November 28, 2018


What happens when a film crew from the popular Channel 7 travel show Queensland Weekender calls into Airlie Beach?


We take them bareboating around the Whitsundays of course!



Bareboating is not naked sailing...


Our day began at Airlie Beach where the Queensland Weekender crew boarded a 46ft sailing catamaran – one of around 140 boats for hire from our five-company Whitsunday fleet.


With #GoBareboating briefer Tim Pugh showing the ropes, we slipped the mooring lines and headed out into the ‘Whitsunday blue’.


We hadn’t gone far before Channel 7 lifestyle presenter and host Mel Symons asked the question on everyone’s lips.


“So Tim, bareboating’s not really naked sailing is it?” she said.


“No Mel, it’s not, but when you’re out here on your own you can do that if you like,” came Tim’s cheeky reply.


Having broken the ice, we laughed about the concept of nude boating and talked about what bareboating really is.


“Firstly I thought it meant boating in the nude and then I thought, ‘surely that’s not it; they haven’t asked me whether I’d be comfortable to do that! There’s got to be more to it’,” Mel said.



Learning the ropes


‘More to it’ there certainly is, as Mel was about to find out. 


Once clear of the moorings, Tim gave Mel her first lessons in how to hoist the catamaran’s sails.



Far from being a difficult procedure it was all completed from conveniently positioned cleats, with the help of some muscle power from push-button electric winches.


Having learned the ropes Mel was able to take stock of her surroundings, relaxing on the catamaran’s comfortable foredeck and trampoline.





In an easy two hours we had reached our destination for the day – beautiful Langford Island in the northern part of the Whitsunday group.


Langford Island is a continental island, with tree clad slopes at one end and a serpentine sand spit at the other, all surrounded by aquamarine water and fringing coral reef.


Needless to say, Mel was blown away.


“When we got to Langford Island I said, ‘ok, bye bye, you can just leave me here’ – I was very impressed – that whole area is sensational,” she said.


After lesson number two from Tim, this time on picking up a mooring buoy, it was time to head ashore and stretch our legs.



Plenty to see and do


As Mel was rapidly learning, bareboating can be as relaxing or energetic as you choose.


Stay aboard and watch the world go by or head ashore and get set to explore. 


Our Queensland Weekender party chose to embark on Langford Island’s new walking track – an easy 20-minute stroll past orchids and Whitsunday Bottle Trees to a lookout platform with spectacular views over the neighbouring islands, waterways and reef.


For Mel this was a highlight of the day so far.


“I loved that walk to the top with the beautiful view; I’m a walker and I love to explore, and I always like to get a good perspective on where I am, so learning about what was around me in terms of geography, the islands and their history was special,” she said.




With hours still to spare there was time to also walk on the beach and