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5 Reasons to #GoBareboating!

Why a self-skippered holiday in the Whitsundays

has to be on your bucket-list

Bareboating in the Whitsundays - Mark Fitz

Photo: @_markfitz

With so many choices in today’s world of travel, you want to be sure your hard-earned holidays are a success.

Chartering a bareboat might not be something you’ve ever considered, or maybe it’s a long-held dream.

Whichever camp you belong to there’s always a reason to “just go!” and here at #GoBareboating, we’ve put together our top 5…

1. A holiday that’s tailor-made…

Photo: @caitensphoto

A bareboat holiday is anything you want it to be.

If it’s adventure you’re chasing, taking command of your own ship and sailing it to the far-flung corners of the Whitsunday islands is about as exciting as it gets.

If it’s relaxation you crave, few things can compare to lying on the deck of a yacht underneath the tropical sun or stars.

If spending quality time with your loved ones is key, a bareboat charter will help you disconnect to connect.

If you want to party, consider hiring a spacious catamaran with a group of fun-loving friends.

Think cocktails on inflatable pool toys by day and dancing on the deck by night.

If it’s solitude you seek, the Whitsundays can offer that in spades.

On a bareboat you can head for the horizon with only your chosen companion by your side and drop anchor in secluded bays that are well off the beaten track.

Mix and match a bareboat holiday with your other interests.

A bareboat charter can also be a ticket to hiking, fishing, photography and other water sports like Stand-Up-Paddle-boarding, snorkelling or even diving.

A bareboat holiday can literally be whatever floats your boat.

Photo: @mrchrisparsons

2. You set the agenda, you set the pace…

On a bareboat holiday you can go with the flow, follow a sightseeing schedule, or both.

If your itinerary is extensive, only the length of the charter will influence the pace.

Otherwise it’s up to you.

Follow the winds and currents on a circumnavigation of the main Whitsunday island group, or head to a list of pre-determined spots.

Drop the pick in a different location for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or let the anchor dig in over a couple of days.

Hang out by the pool at island resorts or chill out on deserted beaches where the only footprints are yours.

Be as energetic or as laid back as you like – the choice is entirely yours.

Photo: @thesailingyogi

3. It’s safe, secure, and anyone can do it…

In the modern world, where travel advisories are commonplace, safety is sadly becoming more of a factor in people’s holiday plans.

The Whitsundays is every bit as glamourous as Bali, Thailand, the Caribbean, and the Med, but without the risk of political and civil unrest.

Follow a few simple rules for steering clear of not-so-desirable wildlife (such as wearing a stinger suit while snorkelling during ‘stinger season’ from November to March) and a bareboat holiday is as safe as it gets.

Common-sense and your comprehensive pre-charter briefing will prepare you for handling the boat.

You don’t have to have extensive sailing or boating experience – we’ll show you the ropes.

Far from being bare, each boat comes fully equipped with everything from crockery to linen.

Our catamarans are often likened to floating apartments where the thing that’s unbeatable is the ever-changing view.

The Whitsunday mainland boasts major supermarkets, chain stores and even provisioning providers, ensuring you can travel light and stock up on fresh produce and any additional items needed when you get here.

With two airports, a train station and access from Australia’s main ‘Highway 1’ getting here is a breeze too.

“But what about the money?” we hear you ask.

There’s no reason a bareboat holiday can’t be done on a budget.

If you’re watching your wallet, sharing the boat with friends or opting for a smaller vessel will lower costs.

Photo: @keiranlusk

4. World-class sailing…

Although it’s true that “anyone can do it”, bareboating holds special appeal for those who love sailing.

Can’t take the time off work to sail your own boat from Sydney Harbour to the Whitsundays?

Hire a bareboat instead.

Maybe you don’t have a boat but it’s something you dream of.

Let us make your dreams come true, if only for a little while.

Maybe you’re an avid sailor and you’ve been lucky enough to experience some of the world’s other sailing hot spots.

Let us show you how the Whitsundays compares.

There’s a reason the Whitsundays is home to the largest bareboat fleet in the southern hemisphere.

Caressed by Southeast Tradewinds for most of the year, its reputation as a sailing Mecca is well-deserved.

Sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, the waters are classed as “partially smooth” and there is little to no swell.

With 74 islands to choose from there’s an anchorage to suit every wind direction, rain or shine.

Being in the mid-tropics, the Whitsundays is blessed with an exceptional climate.

If you like it hot, come in summer, or if you prefer to rug up at night, the winter months of June, July and August are for you.

Alternatively, you can make like a local and get out on the water during the shoulder seasons of November and May.

Those in the know will tell you these are some of the best months of the year when the sunsets are spectacular and the temperatures near perfect.

Photo: @kevin_lebre

5. Sail a ‘must see’ destination…

Photo: @elisecook

At the physical and spiritual heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays is one of the jewels in Australia’s tourism crown.

Hill Inlet, Whitehaven Beach and Heart Reef are on many an international traveller’s bucket-list.

On your own vessel you can enjoy Whitehaven long after the day-trippers have left, and escape the crowds at the Hill Inlet lookouts for those “people-free” postcard pics.

Have a seaplane collect you from your anchorage for a flight over the islands and Great Barrier Reef.

Step right off your boat into coral gardens that are part of the largest living reef system on the planet.

Come in winter to get up close and personal with humpback whales.

Seeing these incredible creatures breaching, spy-hopping and tail-slapping is an experience you’ll never forget.

This might sound too good to be true but it’s not.

For more information or to book a charter holiday with any one of our five member companies, visit

Photo: @thesailingyogi

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