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#GoBareboating to get off the beaten track

In our last blog we covered the Whitsundays’ hero experiences – the big-ticket items you can’t miss when you #GoBareboating in our 74-island paradise.

Now we’re going to take you off the beaten track.

For every bucket-list experience the Whitsundays boasts, there’s a hidden gem, just waiting to be explored.

Some are physical places where you'll find solitude away from the crowds, and some are magical moments you can only experience through the freedom of a bareboat charter.

1. Meet the mainland

The Whitsundays is renowned for its 74 islands, but the mainland coast is equally spectacular.

If you’re short on time and looking for an anchorage that’s close to your charter base on that first or last night, the mainland offers some stunning alternatives to the main archipelago.

On the way out of Pioneer Bay is beautiful Funnel Bay – scene of filming for Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut ‘Unbroken’.

To the south lies scenic Shute Harbour, once one of the most bustling ports on Australia’s East Coast, and now a haven for charter and recreational boats.

To the north you will find Woodwark Bay.

With its long sand beaches and far away feel, this inlet is literally around the corner from Airlie Beach and Cannonvale yet might as well be a million miles away.

Top Tip: All charter companies have geographical limits so check with your charter base before planning to visit an anchorage that’s further off the beaten track.

Photo: @keiranlusk

2. Island escapes

When you’ve had your fill of world-famous Whitehaven Beach and want to get away from it all, there are plenty of deserted anchorages where the only footprints in the sand will be yours.

Heading outside the main island group of Whitsunday, Hook, Hamilton, Long, Hayman and Haslewood islands, will reward you with destinations that are literally on the wild side.

Once home to a Club Med resort, Lindeman Island offers solitude and stunning views, while neighbouring Shaw Island is even more remote.

Even on the ‘milk run’ route, you will find bays around the corner from popular anchorages like Blue Pearl Bay, where yours will be the only dinghy on the shoreline and the rugged scenery will blow you away.

Top Tip: If aiming to sail further afield to an island like Lindeman or Shaw, plan your passage in advance to ensure plenty of time after arrival for exploration.

Photos: @keiranlusk and @saltywings

3. Sail away…

On a bareboat holiday one of the greatest destinations you’ll experience is your boat.

It’s most often a sailing holiday after all!

Getting from A to B is as much a part of the adventure as becoming acquainted with the destinations where you’ll drop anchor for the night.

So, hoist the sails, feel the wind in your hair and sun on your skin, sit back, and soak up the atmosphere at sea.

Top Tip: One of the most scenic sails is along the 7km length of Whitehaven Beach

Photos: @kevin_lebre and @caitensphoto

4. Milky Way magic

How many city slickers can say they’ve seen the stars?

The light pollution in the vast majority of our major centres and even regional towns, means most people have never truly experienced the magic of the Milky Way.

On a clear night in the Whitsundays, nothing beats lying on the deck of a bareboat and gazing up at the stars.

Only in moments like these do we as human-beings truly slow down, live our lives for the moment and appreciate our place on the planet.

Top Tip: Download a night sky app before you head out on your charter so you can identify the various constellations.

Photos: @caitensphoto

All of the above go some way towards explaining why a bareboat charter is the ultimate holiday for getting away from the beaten path.

Let us help you disconnect to reconnect

For more information or to book a charter holiday with any one of our five member companies, visit

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