Brush up on your nautical lingo to get ready for your bareboating holiday (Part 2)

Head The toilet on a boat. Bareboats usually have between 1 and 4 heads. Some are shared and some are ensuites to the cabins. They have very thin pipes, and use a macerator to break down waste into small pieces, so it's very important not to put any foreign matter in them. The system can be opened or closed, with waste stored in a holding tank on board until the boat is in an area where emptying is permitted. The loo on a boat in the Whitsundays is probably the loo with the best view on the planet! Jib The sail at the front of the boat, also known as the jib sheet or head sail. Sometimes, for newer sailors, they will only use the jib or headsail rather than both sails together. It’s easier t

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