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New Whitsunday Island Moorings

When you live in the Whitsundays, you know you live in the best place in the world; and at #GoBareboating we want to share it with you!

There are 74 tropical islands, brilliant blue seas, plenty of boats to sail, a relaxed attitude and oodles of deserted beaches to explore every week. We know this area like the backs of our hands, and all of our bareboating team are experts in giving advice on where you can anchor or moor safely each night and where to explore for the best Whitsunday sailing holiday ever.

Now, we have even more places to show you, thanks to a bunch of new island infrastructure!

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) has been very busy after Cyclone Debbie. They tidied up all the bushwalking tracks and island campsites very quickly (and there are miles and miles of tracks, and literally dozens of campsites on the islands!), they’ve also created new things to do and places to stay as well.

New Island Moorings

There were 37 new bareboat moorings installed in 2017 and new reef protection markers too. Some are extra moorings in popular locations, and others are entirely new, giving boats access to new places to explore. Come and find them all on your next bareboating holiday in the Whitsundays.

These new moorings, along with some smaller tender moorings, bring the total number in the Whitsunday Islands to 144!

We are very excited about all these new moorings. You will have a greater choice of places to stay the night in the Whitsundays when you next go bareboating.

The new moorings are at:

  • Chalkies Beach, Haslewood Island

  • Tongue Bay, near Hill Inlet lookout

  • Cateran Bay, Border Island

  • Crayfish Beach, east Hook Island

  • Saba Bay, east Hook Island

  • Cairn Beach, Whitsunday Island

  • Butterfly Bay, top of Hook Island

  • Stonehaven, east Hook Island

  • Sandy Bay, South Molle Island

  • Caves Cove, Baird Point, south Hook Island

  • Luncheon Bay, top of Hook Island

New Island Bushwalk Trails

They have also started working on three new short island bushwalking trails, the first one of which is now open on Langford Island.

You can come for another week long holiday, and have an entirely new experience visiting all these new locations. How cool is that?

If you want to book the holiday of a lifetime, contact one of our five reputable bareboating companies listed below.

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