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#whitsundaysinmay unites Whitsunday tourism industry with group-led social media marketing initiativ

Pssst…. We want to let you in on a little secret.

The Whitsundays is P E R F E C T in May. But you already knew that, you live here. Now let’s tell everyone else!

Last year, we started using the hashtag #WhitsundaysinMay

and we’d like to invite you to use it too! Let’s spread the word.

It’s FREE!

Social media is FREE! You can never underestimate the value of a perfectly captured photo that awakens the inner travel bug in people. So we invite you to jump on the bandwagon and promote #WhitsundaysinMay with us across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to let people know what a fabulous time we are having and that they should be here!

Why is May so perfect?

The humidity of the summer months has waned, the rain has stopped, the blue skies are back, and the sun is shining and warm.

Why do so many tourists not realise that May is actually one of the best times to visit the Whitsundays!?

Who should travel to the Whitsundays in May?

  • Anyone who has the flexibility to travel outside of school holidays, eg. young singles, couples without kids and empty nesters.

  • Social Fun Seekers and Connectors, which are the two main sociographic groups that visit the Whitsundays, as identified by TEQ.

  • It’s also a great time for those other smaller groups such as Active Explorers, Stylish Travellers and Unwinders, who will love the quiet that can be found outside of school holidays.

What’s in it for them?

  • Great deals on all elements; airfares, accommodation and tours.

  • Quiet, no kids

  • Perfect weather

  • The chance to have a beach all to themselves

  • The feeling of having a kind of special insider knowledge that others don’t

What should I post?

  • Anything that would make people jealous that they’re not here!

  • Find your most beautiful photos of blue skies, palm trees, warm oceans, perfect beaches, hardly a cloud in the sky, colourful sunsets, happy smiling faces, people swimming and having fun...

  • If you look outside and think “wow” take a photo and post it.

  • If you see your guests having a great time at your business, get their permission to take a photo and post it.

  • When you go exploring yourselves, look for a beautiful shot and post it.

  • Specials and packages for last minute travel.

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